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Your Local Chiropractor

The Chiropractors at Life Balance Health Centre Perth, WA are all fully trained specifically in the nervous system.
We assess and treat your body as a whole.
At LBHC we assess your state of well being in both mind and body.
We look at the whole picture with our gentle and effective techniques and aim to provide :

1. Individual personalised treatment for every client in Perth, WA
2. Isolation of the source of pain
3. Acknowledgement of state of physical and emotional well being

How we Work

Our Chiropractors focus on using gentle, "low force" techniques as our first approach to your Chiropractic care and treatment to improve your health. Most treatments use paediatric-based, neurological techniques, which are gentle enough for the whole family including babies. We are known for our gentle, low force treatments (our techniques are paediatric-based & are gentle enough for the whole family). Some treatments may use mechanical assistance, either with drop-pieces in the table our clients lay on or hand-held instruments, called activators, to use speed instead of force.

Can Chiropractic Health Care Help You?

If you are not happy with the state of your health and wellbeing, if you are suffering with neck pain, back pain, headaches or sports injury pain, call us today to book an appointment to see one of our team.

1. At your initial visit to our Chiropractic care and better health centre, we ask questions & listen carefully to you. Our Chiropractors want to see if we can help you.
2. Your Chiropractor will discuss your current health situation.
3. We will take your medical history to assess whether you are a good candidate for Chiropractic care.

If we believe that we can help you, we will organise a full and thorough examination. We may need xrays, CT or MRI scans.

Chiropractic care may start on this visit, although often the results from further tests are required before this can begin. You should allow 40 minutes for your first visit.

Life Balance Chiropractic is a dynamic & family-friendly Perth clinic.

We are committed to helping our community enjoy better health through a chiropractic lifestyle. We are progressive, keeping up-to-date with the latest neurological advancements in chiropractic techniques in Perth.

Other Therapies

We have incorporated the best of other natural health therapies to complement each person's outcome.

1. Chiropractic is a philosphy, science and art of things natural: a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column

2. Clinical Pilates at Life Balance Health Centre.

3. Neurolink (NIS), a form of kinesiology, is a system that evaluates structural, chemical, and emotional aspects of health using manual muscle testing.

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