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The Team At The Life Balance Health Centre

The team of chiropractors at the Life Balance Health Centre in Perth have brought together neurological techniques to assess and treat your body as a whole.

The LBHC is a dynamic, progressive & friendly holistic health care and wellness centre committed to helping our community enjoy better health through: chiropractic, kinesiology, naturopathy and clinical pilates.

Back Pain Relief

keep life balance with chiropractor padburyLBHC chiropractors are trained specifically in the nervous system. We assess whole and treat the body as a whole to get to the root cause of your pain. We regularly treat the spine but we also recognise the importance of treating areas outside of the spine.
Often long term back and neck pain will load one leg more. This means that adjustment to the foot and knee on one or both sides. LBHC use impulse adjusting/corrections which means we often treat people without "cracking" the spine.

Most of our new chiropractic patients that come in today, relax when they hear this from their chiropractor. However, people who have previously seen had chiropractic treatment in WA do prefer this method and we listen to their wishes.

The “Cracking” of joints in the spine is not part of an individualized care plan.

At our wellness centre we aim to find and treat the underlying cause of your complaint, and then provide effective treatment for long term relief.

Here at our unique Chiropractic Clinic in WA we specialise in assessing your body and the nervous system as a whole and then correcting any dysfunction of the nervous system.

We will monitor your nervous system to make sure that your movement and well being is optimized.

If you are confused and do not know where to find help with regards to your health issues, call us for a booking to help you.

Our better health centre provides:

  • Free - Health checks to put your mind at ease.
  • Free - Spinal and whole body assessment.

To make an appointment please phone us on 08 9403 3999

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