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About the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia

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The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Limited (CAA) is the peak body that represents chiropractors in Australia, with eight autonomous CAA state and territory associations.

The national body is involved with education, publications, conventions, international relations and the liaison with federal government authorities.

The CAA actively promotes the Chiropractor and their specialised care within Australia.

According to an article printed in the CAA (Chiropractor’s Association Australia)

For Media release
Date: 14 April 2015


“Spinal care more effective than Paracetamol for back pain & osteoarthritis”


Life Balance Health Centre & Chiropractic

Our practitioner at LBHC in Perth will assess and treat the body as a whole to get to the root cause/s of your discomfort . As well as treating the spine, a Chiropractor in Perth WA will also understand the importance of treating other areas of the body outside of the spine. Our practitioners use impulse adjusting/corrections which means that they often treat people without "cracking" the spine.

Every body is different and accordingly, your practitioner will ensure that the patient’s treatments are individualised to suit their needs.

Your Chiropractor in Perth will do this because a chiropractor understands that nervous system governs body function and without it you will continue to suffer. If you want to enjoy your life, you need to look after yourself now and not wait till you are broken. If you want to live a better quality of life, why don't you try chiropractic at LBHC. Chiropractic is gentle, safe and makes sense for your quality of life.

Please call us today for more information about chiropractic and pain relief.

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