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Reconnect family through slow foodSlow Food Top Tips:

1. RECONNECT with your FOOD - first and foremost slow food reminds each of us of the pleasures of eating well. (Yum!)

2. RECONNECT with LOVED ONES - through 'slow food' and 'slow eating' we can better connect with other people (Hint: to re-connect with our family each day we turn off the TV, mobile phones and electronic devices at dinner time. Slow food is both a gastronomic & social event. At its heart, the traditional family dinner-time is, purely and simply, an age old practice of people truly connecting over food).

3. RECONNECT with NATURE through FOOD - "eating from nature" helps children especially, to have a better connection to the food they eat as they learn to recognise natural, real, whole foods.

4. RECONNECT with the WORLD - slow food challenges us to think about our consumption choices. By thinking of what type of foods we buy, from where and also how much, slow food reminds us we are a part of a larger world environment.

5. RECONNECT with SELF - slow food reminds us to be MINDFUL (or aware) of finding the calm in life by simply connecting with the present moment.

Our kids love my mum's traditional Irish Stew made from lamb neck chops. What's your favourite slow cooked meal?

From the desk of Catherine Riddle (B.A., Post. Grad. Dip. Ed.). Mum to 3 kids, teacher & Practice Manager of Life Balance Health Centre.

Dr Andrew Riddle (DC) has been providing gentle Chiro treatments to families. If you have any questions or for more information please contact Catherine or Andrew. Email: or phone (08) 9403 3999.

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