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Kids who are tired, worn out & overwhelmed by the long school term! Kids stressed by school, study, tests & homework! As a result of their stress these poor kids are also often in pain.


* sheer physical exhaustion
* more emotional meltdowns & tears
* anger, frustration, tantrums & acting-out or disruptive behaviours
* poor concentration and focus and/or difficulty studying
* weakened immune system (i.e., often sick with lots of Winter coughs & colds)
* headaches, back aches or upsetting aches and pains
* affected sleep e.g., sleeplessness, broken sleep, insomnia, poor quality sleep
* saw jore or TMJ pain or teeth grinding (especially during sleep)
* "growing pains" or sore legs or restless legs at night
* painful menstrual cramps and/or erratic menstrual cycle
* increased cravings for sugary or fatty foods and/or emotional eating
* etc, etc. ...

In my experience, NIS is a simple, gentle and relaxing way to ease your child's pain. Essentially, NIS is a neuroscience healthcare system, which is similar to kinesiology.

Book a FREE NIS health assessment for your child with our paediatric practitioner, Andrew Riddle. Find out more about how NIS can help your child and family.

From the desk of Catherine Riddle (B.A., Post. Grad. Dip. Ed.). Mum to 3 kids, teacher & Practice Manager of Life Balance Health Centre.

Dr Andrew Riddle (DC) has been providing gentle Chiro treatments to families. If you have any questions or for more information please contact Catherine or Andrew. Email: or phone (08) 9403 3999.

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