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As we live our lives most of us will experience some form of back pain at some time. We might have an injury or we may may have an underlying cause for the back pain. It is necessary to understand what is actually the root cause so your pain can be treated effectively.

Lower Back, Hip & Leg/Sciatic Pain

  1. Structural issues such as scoliosis, short leg, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints
  2. Discal injuries
  3. Flat feet or high arches
  4. Knees and hips
  5. Jaw aches, teeth straightened by braces or missing teeth
  6. Digestive issues
  7. Circulation and breathing issues
  8. Chronic fatigue
  9. Depression, anxiety, sleep issues
  10. Pregnancy
  11. Migraines & headaches
  12. Neurological injury

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LBHC Perth is a very different and successful holistic health care centre that focuses on treating the body as a whole and understanding the underlying cause of the dis-ease indicators in the body.

Chiropractic care and services to help you improve your well being at the Life Balance Health Clinic in WA are readily available. Chiropractic care is based on the premise that the nervous system governs the function of the body.

A good functioning body means less pain in joints and muscles.

Our chiropractic services include the use of safe, gentle neurological corrections to achieve good function.

We understand that all people are different, hence the variety of approaches to a healthy spine and body.

"Chiropractic” is a philosophy, science and art of things natural: a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column".

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Chiropractor Perth & Back Pain - So many more people are enjoying the benefits of hands-on chiropractor. People are finding that their chiropractor health services are significantly more effective in the weeks immediately after incurring a back injury than regular medical treatments.

Lower Back Ache is currently one of WA’s most common medical health problems and traditional approaches such as taking medication and resting simply don't work as well as treatment plans provided by a fully trained chiropractor for most patients suffering from back ache.

The Philosophy Of Chiropractic Pain Management

Chiropractic care is a philosophy, science and art of natural pain management. The Chiropractor uses a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column.

Life Balance Health Centre & Chiropractic Care Clinic in Perth, is a dynamic, progressive & friendly holistic health care centre committed to helping our community enjoy better health.

Our Chiropractic team at our Chiropractic clinic are dedicated to facilitating health & happiness through pro-active, family-focused & natural health care services.

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