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NIP (Neuro Impulse Protocol) was first designed for paediatrics - it is perfect for treating newborns & children of all ages. As NIP is based on gentle touch & incredibly light thrusting it is very safe. This very specific, low force adjusting method allows your child's nervous system to better interpret & integrate the sensory input from the adjustment & to appropriately babyprocess it throughout the brain & spinal cord. The best thing about this protocol is that it allows the Chiropractor to assess your child's neurology every treatment – thereby, only providing changes to your newborn or child where absolutely necessary.

NIP is chiropractic care that is gentle enough for the whole family, from newborns to the elderly. After an NIP adjustment, most of our patients appear to breathe a sigh of relief as their body releases tension, from deep within the nervous system. NIP is not a manually manipulative style of chiropractic treatment ... instead, it is gentle, specific and effective.

A baby's digestive is very immature so they often need extra help to enhance the growth and development of the digestive system which leads to a more settled baby. NIP at LBHC provides indvidualised natural health care solutions for your baby instead of using drugs as the only choice.

For a more settled baby naturally then consider chiropractic at LBHC for your family. Things to consider before you choose a chiro or physio for your baby.

  • Has the practitioner undergone extra study in paediatrics
  • Does the practitioner regularly see babies
  • Does the practitioner use techniques that are gentle and are paediatric specific
  • Does the practitioner assess reflexes to assess the nervous system every time they are treated
  • Exercises and manipulation without regular use of neurological reflexes in the assessment is not a valid treatment method




Your Child's Health Potential & NIP

NIP provides an assessment protocol for your chiropractor to listen to your child'symptoms and to uncover what lies beneath the surface. A fully functioning nervous system & muscular system goes a long way in expressing your child's health potential!

Babies and children are much like a blank canvas. Having a good foundation to grow and develop is essential for the child to thrive to their full potential. As the nervous system is immature in children, there is little scar tissue involved with spinal misalignments (subluxations). It is a lot easier, and more effective, for the 'masterpiece of human nature' to take form in a child in comparison to an adult's 'canvas that is well used'. As health professionals are working with a blank canvas with children, it is essential for all health professionals to be respectful of the power of human form. Indeed, as family practitioners, our chiropractors at Life Balance do their upmost to care for every client, young and old alike, in the same way they would their own families.

Chiropractic, and especially the technique of NIP in Chiropractic, addresses the concept of the child, only providing the baby or child with health care that is necessary. If the child requires intervention, it is found through a number of neurological processes, and not just relying on the practitioner's feel in their hands.

Neurological Research & NIP

Scientific research has shown that to get past the brain stem, which is the neurological 'gate to the brain', impulses have to be fast enough to beat the gate. NIP works on the principle of using a light thrust but fast enough to beat the gateway to the brain. NIP integrates the latest neurological research available in assessing the nervous system to provide hard neurological evidence for Chiropractic intervention. An NIP practitioner will assess each patient's neurological deficits and then match movement patterns and compensation patterns to provide reproducible outcomes. Essentially, by addressing each person's neurology with NIP, a chiropractor is able to achieve individualised and effective results for any person in the family.

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